Monday, August 17, 2009

Kroger Deals this Week!

Our Kroger in Bellevue is having triple coupon week this week! Check out your local one to see if they are or just come on out to Bellevue! They triple coupons up to .99 with a limit of 20 triples per visit. However, you can use more than 20 coupons if the others are worth $1 or more (I used at least 30). Kroger is also having a Mega Sale this week! You buy 10 participating items which are already on sale for great prices and get $5 off instantly at checkout. You can do as many of these groupings as you like. I did 3 last night and got 3 $5 discounts. I also had coupons for a lot of the items that were on sale. I got several things for free or less than $1. With my sales, $5 bonuses and triple coupons I saved $117.20. I spent $86.59. It would have been less if I would have remembered to use that pesky free lunch meat coupon! Oh well, I'll use it later. Good luck getting some great deals!

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