Friday, June 5, 2009

Shopping Smart at Publix

Many of you may take the stance I used to take that "Publix is for the rich." I no longer believe that. While a lot of things are more expensive at Publix I have found that many items I purchase are cheaper at Publix than Kroger. My favorite thing about Publix is the buy one get one free deals. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BUY TWO TO GET THE DEAL. They just ring up at half price. This may be regional because in Orlando they actually made me buy two, but here in Tennessee I think you are safe. I love to combine the BOGO deal with coupons. For example, a couple of weeks ago they had the wheat thins and triscuits BOGO. I had several coupons to save $1 off a box of wheat thins or triscuits that I printed off of and So the regular price of the crackers was $2.69 and I got them for $.35 per box! I often get cereal for under a dollar by doing this. It is a great way to save money if you just buy what is BOGO (assuming it is something you like of course). Also you can subscribe to 4 different clubs/magazines with coupons at Publix for free. Just go to and click on "Clubs and Programs". There is the Baby Club if you are expecting or have a child under 2. I LOVED the Baby Club with both of my kids. I got tons of great coupons. Then there is the Preschool Pals club. I don't know that I've gotten any coupons with this one, but you get emails with fun ideas and some fun things in the mail. You can also subscribe to the Publix Greenwise Market Magazine or the Publix Family Style Magazine which both have valuable coupons in them. Hope this helps. I certainly don't buy everything at Publix, but I take advantage of their sales. I also think their produce is superior so I love to get fruits and veggies on sale there. Don't forget that on Sunday and Monday they have a penny item with a $10 purchase. It is hit or miss, but some weeks it is an item that is really useful for our family. Oh, and who can forget that Publix is where shopping is a pleasure! Happy Shopping!

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  1. I did the Triscuit/Wheat Things thing too and got 4 boxes for $0.35 each! Also, got the free Johnson's Buddies soaps and cheapo Kashi cereal (last box!) w/ free Chocolate Soy Milk at Target during my lunch break. Thanks for the tip! Unfortunately, I didn't have all my other coupons with me b/c there were several others things on clearance I'm fairly sure I had coupons for...oh, well it's not like I won't be back at Target anytime soon!